Beginner’s Guide to Technology for Teaching Music

Educators inevitably face the age-old problem; how do you get kids to pay attention in class for long periods of time? Music educators face still a greater problem; how do you get kids to pay attention in class for long periods of time when they have musical instruments in their hands?

Integrating technology into the classroom or studio can combat distractions and restlessness. Today there are tools and programs that are designed to help students learn music. When a traditional lecture isn’t working, frame the information in a new way to produce better understanding and spark motivation.
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Beginner’s Guide to Technology for Studying Music

When I was a beginner-level musician, the only resources at my disposal were theory books, my teacher and a metronome. If I got stuck, I often I had to wait a week until my next lesson to work through a problem.

If you’re studying music, you’re on the lookout for ways to improve your understanding. Today new tools and apps can help you make breakthroughs without waiting for a teacher. Your musical education is fairly accessible, whether you need help with basic theory, practice exercises or sight-reading.

If anything, you have different problem than I did – which resource should you choose? You have hundreds of apps, blogs websites and videos competing for your attention.
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Beginner’s Guide to Technology for Composing Music

The practice of learning to compose music is never finished. It’s a subject that people study throughout their entire lives. Even if you have a doctorate in music theory, even if you are the conductor of an orchestra…there’s always more to learn.  

But that doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert to take part. If you sit at home, picking out melodies on your guitar – that’s composition. If you use empty sheet music paper to craft a simple song – that’s composition. Today, anyone can start practicing composition, thanks to a myriad of tools and apps. You don’t have to be Mozart.

Here is some of my favourite software for composing music. These tools can get you started, whether you’re a novice or an expert.
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Beginner’s Guide to Technology for Making Music

I have a background in classical music, so I decided it would be easy for me to learn to produce music digitally. That overconfidence was quickly destroyed when I started researching. I got lost in a sea of software. Some websites claimed production only requires laptop and a portable controller. Others recommended loads of expensive tech tools.

And then came the branding – some people swore by Ableton. Others seemed to do okay with GarageBand. And I came across other names, like Traktor and Serato. And then what about looping? And cueing? And decks? I gave up before I even began.

There’s so much you can do to create music through technology. But it depends on your ultimate purpose, and the amount of time and experience you have. To help, here’s a quick rundown of some favorite software tools for making music.
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The Music Theory Roundup for Beginning Learners

A lot of musicians get by without being able to read or write music. You could create an entire album without actually knowing any musical theory or composition. Geniuses like Ray Charles and Jimi Hendrix became world-famous musicians solely off the power of their ears. But having a grasp on some key concepts of music theory can be, if nothing else, a comfort.

To give some context to the music you are uploading on Sheet Music Scanner, I’ve distilled some resources from across the internet on basic music theory. If you’re stuck in your practice, turn to some of these sources. Maybe somewhere, you’ll find the key you need to make progress.
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Unconventional Ways to Make Money Through Music

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, making money through music is notoriously difficult. When many people expect to get their music for free, it’s difficult to carve out a career in the field. But new technologies have also created avenues for profitability and exposure.

You don’t have to be a full-time, professional musician to be enterprising with music. People make money with music in a variety of ways, whether it’s by using online platforms or approaching live performance in a new way.

Gone are the days of making a demo and sending it to record companies in hopes that they label you the ‘next big thing.’ There are plenty of ways to take your musical career into your own hands. Here are some of the best.
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7 Tips for Making Your Sheet Music More Readable

Everyone has had an experience of playing a poorly written piece of music. Sometimes a bad performance can be put down to rubbish notation. To eliminate confusion with any pieces you write, we’ve discovered seven tips to making your sheet music more readable.
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The Music Blog Roundup: Music Tech, Education, Piano, Guitar, and More

These days, you don’t have to sift through volumes of books to round out your musical studies. Whether it’s beginner musician tips, music education for children, music equipment, music tech, or actual lessons and collaboration you’re after, there’s a blog for it.

In fact, most music organizations, teachers, and professionals have an online presence. So how do you find the most credible and helpful resources? I’ve waded through the internet to research some of the best music education and technology blogs, based on what you’re looking for. Here’s what I found:
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The Dictionary of Musical Symbols

Music has its own language. If you aren’t fluent, you might be wondering where to start. As a beginner musician, you don’t necessarily need to know every hemiola and glissando.

But, you will come across some common symbols again and again. Understanding them will make your life easier. Here is a concise breakdown of the musical symbols you should get to know.
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Reviews and Comparisons

Selected reviews and comparisons on other blogs and websites.
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